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Whether you’re just traveling down the street to get some groceries or you’re on a long-distance journey, a travel pillow can provide you with the right amount of comfort. Sleep can come easy, but only when you’ve selected the best option using the best travel pillow reviews. Travel pillows can be thin and wispy, which gives you almost no support whatsoever. This guide will help you avoid the problematic pillows so you can get some real rest when you travel.

The Best Chart For Travel Pillows

Long-haul flights or long-distance road trips are more bearable when there’s a high quality travel pillow that’s been packed. The chart below will help you compare some of today’s best product options so you can actually get some good sleep for a change.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
MemorySoft Luxury Travel Neck Pillow5.0$$$$
FLEXi 4-in-1 Convertible Travel Pillow4.6$$
Aeris Travel Pillow4.6$$$
Posturex Travel Pillow4.7$$$
AirComfy Travel Pillow4.6$$$
Vilgoss Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow4.7$$
Kohbi Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow4.5$$
Comfort Master Travel Pillow4.5$$$
The "J Pillow" Travel Pillow4.4$$$
The Globetrotter Travel Pillow Set4.6$$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Is the Advantage of Owing a Travel Pillow?

Jet lag can be extremely problematic if you’re flying somewhere in a drastically different time zone. Being able to rest during a long flight can help reduce the physical symptoms of jet lag, but only if the pillow is suitable for rest. That’s why bringing along your own travel pillow is so important. You’ll be able to benefit from these clear advantages that this type of pillow is able to provide.

  • Portability. Travel pillows are very compact, often only a few inches in size. Some are so flat that they look more like a neck or head brace than an actual pillow. You can toss one into your carry-on or into your vehicle and catch some zzz’s when the moment is right.
  • Comfort. Travel pillows can be remarkably comfortable. From micro-fiber to memory foam, some designs might make you look a bit silly while sleeping, but who cares if you’re getting some actual rest, right? Look for a travel pillow that you can adjust to meet your needs in several different environments for the best comfort possible.
  • Compact. Many travel pillows can be packed into something as small as a pocket or a small purse. You just pull out your pillow when you need to get some rest and put it away when you’re done. 

Many travel pillows tend to be designed to wrap around the neck with a horseshoe design, but you don’t have to settle for this type of pillow if you don’t find that comfortable. There are full pillow options, full-body compact options, and some that even provide a sleep mask. That’s why it is so important to read through the best travel pillow reviews so you can find the one that is right for you. 

How To Find the Best Travel Pillow For Me

The first thing to consider is your sleeping needs. Are you looking for something that you’ll be using regularly because of an extensive traveling schedule? Or are you looking for something for that once-per-year vacation that you take? Travel pillows can take some wear and tear, but some of the value-priced ones will wear out quickly with consistent use. Look for durability in the reviews as a key feature as you shop for a new travel pillow.

How you prefer to sleep while traveling must also come into consideration. Some people like to lean over to one side of their chair. Others prefer to position themselves in a more traditional seated position. You might try to stretch out as much as possible. Look through the reviews for pillows that provide the highest levels of support for your preferred sleeping position.

The method of travel that you typically use will also play a factor in your decision-making process. Travel pillows for airplanes tend to be more compact than those for a vehicle or train. Some air travel pillows are inflatable for added support, while others rely on innovative designs to give you a comfortable sleeping surface. There really is no best answer here because travel needs are unique to the individual.

What Style of Travel Pillow Is Right For You?

The horseshoe neck pillow is the most common design for a travel pillow because it stays with your neck and allows your head to sink into it. Your sleep will still be affected by your environment, but without the neck pain that can happen when sleeping in a foreign environment. This style generally works for most people.

Full body travel pillows that provide neck and back support are good for those who travel in a sitting position for long distances. They take up a lot of space, but fit into a train or airplane chair without disturbing others.

There are multiple unique designs also available that work for some, but not for others. Best advice here: look for a travel pillow that hooks to your luggage securely so you’re not forced to use additional packing space for it.

What Are the Prices of the Best Travel Pillows Today? 

The price for a good travel pillow is remarkably affordable, which is why it is so surprising to see so many travelers trying to make do without one. For the cost of a dinner while traveling, you can get something that will reduce the impact of jet lag or give you the rest you need while traveling by air, road or rail. You can arrive feeling refreshed and ready for fun instead of needing a day or two to recover.

Most of the travel pillows that you’ll find online are priced under $40 today. There are several good options that are right around the $20 mark. Many of these pillows can also be used in hotels or as an added level of support at home.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

The Original FLEXi 4-in-1 Travel Pillow

You’ll get a travel pillow filled with millions of super soft microbeads and a unique convertible design that covers back and side sleepers plus stomach sleepers and even a lumbar support when you purchase this travel pillow. It also comes with a handy carry bag to make it easier to transport. With four different options as to how you use the FLEXi, you will arrive relaxed when using this pillow to travel no matter what position you’re most comfortable in. The price point is right and the product carries a money back guarantee, so it’s worth considering this investment.

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Air Comfy

This air-based travel pillow allows you to adjust the size and amount of air in the bladder so you can receive just the right level of support. It attached to a headrest, making it a good solution for a road trip. Because it is supported by air, you can deflate the pillow and pack it compactly for whenever you need it as well since it weighs just half a pound. Just blow it up when you need an instant pillow and this product will allow you to have one.

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This horseshoe shaped travel pillow has a soft cover and a memory foam interior for a remarkably comfortable sleeping experience. It features a micro-fiber cover that is very durable for high frequency travel, yet still manages to remain soft after several washings. We loved how the material tends to take away your perspiration if the environment of the vehicle or plane is a little too warm. The foam itself tends to stay firm, so it might cause a stiff neck during your first uses, but otherwise we think you’re going to love this pillow a lot for your travels.

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Memory Soft

This affordable travel pillow easily compares to some of the top brands that are in the industry today. It’s versatile in the fact that it can be used in almost every environment. Want to be comfortable while you relax by the pool at your hotel? Take this memory foam neck pillow along and you’ll be able to rest. It’s even great for sitting on the couch while you watch a movie. Zip the cover off to wash it from time to time. Some users might find the size to be a little large, but otherwise we found a lot of value in this great travel pillow.

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If you’re looking for a simple solution for your sleep needs while traveling, then the Globetrotter might just be the right option for you. The seams stood out to us as they are strong and reinforced so you can have confidence in the durability of this product. It comes with a dual valve design as well so inflating the pillow is a simple process. Pack it in its small carrying case and slip it into a pocket if you want. It comes with a pillow case and mask that are machine washable. If you like air pillows for travel, we know you’ll love this one.

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The best travel pillow reviews can help you find a great way to rest no matter how far you might need to go. Whether it’s by train, plane, or automobile, you deserve to arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed instead of exhausted by your journey. With one of these travel pillows supporting you, that rest is a lot easier to find.

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