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The best body pillow reviews can help you find a product that can give you an amazing sleeping experience. How do you find which pillow can best meet your needs? That’s a great question. There are numerous styles and features that are available today for body pillows. Some are just big versions of your standard pillow. Others are designed for you to actually sleep on the pillow itself. This guide will let you take the information from each review so you can get the right amount of support every night.

The Best Chart For Body Pillows

Body pillows tend to provide support in specific ways. By using the chart below, you’ll be able to quickly find the pillows that are designed to meet your needs so you can pick the best possible pillow today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
The Original Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow with Bamboo Cover4.8$$$$
Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow4.5$$$$
Pinzon Basics Body Pillow with Cover4.4$$
Aller-Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Body Pillow4.2$
Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow4.2$$$$
EZ Dreams Body Pillow4.2$
Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow4.2$$$
Newpoint 100% Cotton Body Pillow4.1$$
Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow4.3$$$
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow4.4$$$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

How To Find the Best Body Pillow For Me 

There are several issues that must be considered when shopping for a new pillow. You’ll want to use the best body pillow reviews to take a look at several different design categories as each one has some distinct advantages and disadvantages that come along with them.

  • Size. In basic terms, a larger pillow is going to cost more, but it will also provide a superior level of full body support.
  • Design. Some body pillows are just large rectangles. Others have intricate designs that are intended to provide a superior level of support to specific pressure points. Look for a design that is specific to your intended need.
  • Warranty. You’ll want to own a body pillow that a manufacturer has confidence in selling. Longer warranties indicate a higher level of confidence in a product. Some warranties begin at just 90 days, while others extend to 3-5 years. Which sounds more confident to you?
  • Filling. Many body pillows are filled with a polyester fill because it tends to be the most affordable, bringing the price of the pillow down. The issue, however, is that the pillow might not provide the right amount of support. Memory foam, latex, wool, down, and cotton are all additional filling options to consider. 

Then you need to determine what the primary purpose of your body pillow is going to be. Are you looking for a pillow that simulates having a partner sleeping with you? Do you need a product that will let you slip the pillow between your knees for better positional support? Do you need support around your ankles? When you answer these questions, you’ll be able to use the best body pillow reviews to find the perfect pillow today. 

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Body Pillow? 

One of the unique advantages that a body pillow can provide is support for both sides of the body. It can be an easy way to extend the life of a mattress that is beginning to wear out, but it can also provide a higher level of support for women who are pregnant or individuals who have specific medical needs that sleep positioning attempts to address.

Because of the size of a body pillow, there are some unique additions that can be added to the pillow or the cove to enhance the sleeping experience. From pockets that can hold hot or cold packs to different shapes that can be incorporated into the design to hit pressure points and provide pain relief, you can find something today that will help you sleep better tonight.

There’s also the advantage of flexibility that comes with ownership of a body pillow. They can be used for a wide variety of activities. Take the body pillow downstairs to read a good book in almost any location. Provide yourself with an extra seat for watching TV with the family. Put it in the car for added comfort. You can use the best body pillows in multiple positions in multiple locations, which gives you a tremendous amount of value for your investment.

Are There Disadvantages to Owning a Body Pillow?

The one disadvantage to owning a body pillow is its size. If the pillow should need to be laundered for some reason, most will require dry cleaning due to the sheer size of the pillow itself. This brings with it an added cost that machine washable pillows don’t have. For this reason, some shoppers may wish to look at smaller body pillows that can work with their laundry equipment.4

The key to finding a beneficial body pillow is to select one that supports your head and neck above anything else. Many pillows are designed to be side sleeper supportive instead of an all-around body pillow, which is why looking for horseshoe shaped body pillows has become recently popular. You can also combine a body pillow with other pillow types for a maximum level of comfort if you prefer, but sometimes this comes with an added cost.

What Are the Prices of the Best Body Pillows? 

Body pillows tend to be a little more expensive than standard pillows, but the price curve from budget-friendly to premium tends to be about the same. Many users will find a decent body pillow in the $40 range. There are some options which are priced below this, but those pillows are typically more like an extended size standard pillow than a beneficial body pillow. Numerous options are available in the under $100 price range.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Moonlight Slumber

This pillow has been called one of the most comfortable body pillows ever created and it’s difficult to argue with that assessment. The one-piece unit extends the length of the bed while still providing you with ample head and neck support so all of your pressure points are supported. It cradles your body as well, preventing tossing and turning naturally. The polymer floss that is used for a filling won’t lump up, clump up, or flatten out on you either, giving users the ability to experience a peaceful sleep every single night. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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This half-bed length wrap-around body pillow provides a lot of support for the back and mid-section, making it a useful tool to get some weight off of some sensitive areas. We really liked the curved design of each extended section, giving the pillow a better chance to hug your features and align your joints, neck, and back for a superior level of pain relief. It’s a 65/35 poly/cotton blend that will stop you from tossing and turning because this pillow wraps you up and then doesn’t let you go. It’s a fairly firm pillow and the seams can sometimes get in the way, but overall we found this pillow to be remarkably comfortable.

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If you’re looking for a basic, affordable body pillow, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s structured like a standard pillow, but it extends for the length of your body. The shell is made from 100% cotton with a 235 thread count, while the polyester fill is supportive without being too firm. It’s the perfect pillow for those who want to have something to hug throughout the night. The pillow is machine washable, but due to its size not every household will be able to manage this. It keeps its shape well through use and for this price point, you can’t go wrong with this pillow.

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This body pillow is another contender for a quality standard item at an affordable price. The elongated shape is perfect for women who are pregnant and need a little extra support. The polyester fill is hypoallergenic and the product is machine washable. It’s 54 inches long, or a little less than the size of two queen pillows, so it may not meet the needs of everyone. It does fit nicely between the needs to take pressure off of the hip joints, however, so don’t let this smaller pillow fool you. It can get the job done.

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If you’re ready to get back to basics, then this might be the best body pillow for you. It’s a polyester pillow that has been designed to replicate down, so you’re going to sink right into this soft surface. It’s a 54 inch pillow, so it fits easily on the bed, and the 230 thread count shell is easy to maintain. There are over 77 ounces of fill in this pillow, so the support level is there. Even though it is soft, it is still surprisingly firm, and works particularly well for side sleepers. For this price, we were pleasantly happy to see how nice this pillow actually was. The only problem we can see happening is that your sleeping partner might just steal it from you.

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The best body pillow reviews will help you to find the right level of support that you need at night to get the rest you deserve. It’s time to stop waking up with neck and joint pain and then be forced to fight off fatigue throughout the day. A body pillow can solve multiple problems at once. Use this guide to find your preferred pillow today and then be prepared to have the best night of rest you’ve had for a long, long time.

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