The Best White Noise Machine Reviews To Help You Sleep

White Noise MachineDo you struggle to fall asleep at night? Many people find that the moment they want to get some rest is the moment their mind begins to fill with racing thoughts. Instead of putting on the television or watching endless reruns of your favorite shows to get to sleep, consider investing in one of the best white noise machines to help you achieve sleep. White noise can help you find deeper, better sleep because it blocks out the noise of the world around you.

The Best Chart For White Noise Machines

There are plenty of white noise machines that are on the market today. Some of them offer unique features that may be beneficial to some households, but not to others. The chart below provides an easy way to compare the most popular machines to find the best one for you.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine4.2$
LectroFan Fan Sound and White Noise Machine4.7$$$
Marpac Single Speed Sound Conditioner4.5$$$
Marpac Dual Speed White Noise Machine4.6$$$
Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner4.3$$
Ecotones Sound & Sleep Machine4.4$$$$$
Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner4.5$$$$
Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System4.3$$$
myBaby SoundSpa Portable4.3$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Is a White Noise Machine and Why Do I Need One? 

The only real way to cancel out the noise in the environment around you is to add more noise to the environment. White noise is better noise because it doesn’t provide the variability of sounds in different hertz ranges as a standard background environment does. That’s why TV shows, radio, and other forms of sleep noise are ineffective. A white noise machine will provide more consistency that allows for sleep to be achieved.

Where white noise is beneficial is that it provides the same consistency at every frequency of hearing. No other sound generation technique for sleep does this. It’s like turning on a fan at bedtime. The cool air is nice, but what tends to put people to sleep is the presence of the fan noise. Any machine can provide ambient noise that cancels out distractions. The benefits of using the best white noise machine reviews is that you can find a machine that provides consistent sounds throughout the night.

Not everyone is going to benefit from a white noise machine, however, so it is important to evaluate your sleeping habits. If you struggle to go to sleep with any sounds present, then a white noise machine could potentially keep you awake. If you’re already using audio to fall asleep, however, then this machine can give you a deeper, more consistent sleep because the noise masking is so consistent.

74% of Americans say that they need a quiet environment to get some sleep, which means 26% do not see it as a priority. Despite this fact, only 5% of households actually have a sound conditioner that they use to get to sleep every night. If you’re struggling to fall asleep within 15 minutes of heading to bed, then a white noise machine could be the best gift you give yourself this year.

How To Find the Best White Noise Machine For Me

The best way to find a white noise machine is to test out the audio that would be emitted from the machine first. There are numerous apps and sound samples that are available online to make this happen. This allows you to avoid purchasing a sound machine that provides an audio signal that your mind interprets as harsh and distracting. Look for a machine that offers numerous sound samples for the best results.

Each manufacturer of white noise machines tends to have their own signature sound as well. True, perfect white noise is something you can’t generate on your own, like with a fan. Some machines don’t generate artificial noises, but instead use the natural noise of an internal fan and then amplify that sound through stereo speakers to provide a soothing result.

The best white noise machine reviews will also show you which machines have adjustable audio components. Some may offer additional features, such as a radio, alarm clock, or nature sounds to compliment the white noise production. As long as the audio is fully adjustable, however, you’ll be able to make at least some use out of a white noise machine right away.

What Are the Advantages of a White Noise Machine? 

Many adults shop for a white noise machine to help them sleep, but it is children who benefit the most from this technology. The white noise helps to eliminate the distractions that can wake children up, creating deeper levels of sleep that they need because of their higher levels of learning. Infants also benefit from white noise because it helps them to begin establishing a sleep cycle in their early days of life.

If you need sound to help you sleep, white noise is your best option. That’s its advantage.

White noise machines aren’t just for sleeping and that’s another potential advantage. White noise can cancel out ambient street noise, loud televisions from neighboring apartments, and even cancel out the snoring sounds of a partner if placed close enough to the bed. For those who work third shift, the white noise can cancel out daytime sounds to provide an environment that is sleep beneficial.

If you travel a lot, a portable white noise machine can help replicate a home environment to make it a little easier to sleep. It can also allow for greater productivity at the office since it eliminates noise distractions and it can even help with privacy concerns.

What Are the Prices of White Noise Machines?

Most white noise machines can be found online right now for less than $100. At this value-priced level, most machines offer a solid noise cancellation experience that may or may not have certain levels of frequency variation. Some at the higher end of this price range may also provide additional features, such as nature sounds, waterfall noise, or brainwave entrainment features. Some can be found for less than $20.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

HoMedics Sound Spa

This highly affordable sound therapy machine is often listed as the #1 seller on Amazon because of its combination of price and features. It offers natural sounds to inspire or help provide a greater focus while reading or working, yet also offers white noise for better sleep. It has three timers that allow for up to 60 minutes of continuous use before it automatically turns off. If you’re traveling and don’t have access to power, it will even run on batteries. If you’ve never tried white noise before, then give this machine a try.

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This white noise machines offers 10 unique natural sounds that do not repeat so there is a complete elimination of unwanted noise. It also includes 10 different artificial white noise audio sounds as well. There is an adjustable volume level and the speakers are multi-band to limit hearing distractions that may occur. It is best when plugged into a USB power source, but an A/C adapter is also included. Get the benefits of a fan without cooling down your room with an investment into this machine today.

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Dohm Single Speed

This white noise machine provides one sound: the noise of cool rushing air. It is offered at only one speed and is designed for high noise cancellation, so it tends to work better for children or for the office than for the master bedroom. You won’t have to worry about any digital settings or making disruptive sounds with this particular machine. You just plug it in and then you turn it on to begin experiencing the results. Nothing could be more simple.

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Ecotones Sound and Sleep

This white noise machine offers 10 high quality sound recordings that are reflective of nature. It’s priced at the top end of the spectrum thanks to its ability to adapt to your personal preferences. Not only does it learn what you like to hear, but it can also adapt its sounds to your surrounding environment to provide a maximum level of noise cancellation. A sleep timer is included and a manual operating mode is available in addition to the adaptive mode. The sounds are rich and the controls easy to use, making this a great investment.

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Marsona TSCI-330

This is one of the most compact and lightweight white noise generators that you can find on the market today. It creates a unique environment of acoustic privacy for a room that is difficult for other machines to duplicate. This machine also takes up a minimal amount of space, making it the perfect traveling companion. It provides a digital sound and stays on until you decide to turn it off and the looping of the sound is seamless – something that is a struggle for other machines. If you’ve tried other machines in the past and been disappointed by them, then this is the machine for you.

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The best white noise machine reviews can help you find the right way to get a better night of rest more consistently. Whether it is for yourself, your kids, the family, or the office, white noise can help to eliminate bothersome, distracting sounds that create unrest. Find your preferred machine today and you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without one once you try it.

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