The Best Sleeping Bag Reviews

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A sleeping bag is an integral part of any camping trip. It can also be a useful item in the home for extra warmth, comfort, or even spare bedding if you’re caught in a pinch. By using the best sleeping bag reviews to determine what key features and qualities can meet your unique needs, you’ll be able to find a great product at a great price today.

The Best Chart For Sleeping Bags 

Do you want a sleeping bag that is water resistant? Maybe you’d like a sleeping bag that can fit more than one person? And how is the quality of the zipper or snaps? The chart below will let you compare the best sleeping bags on the market today to help you find the right one for your needs.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
TETON Sports Celsius XXL4.6$$$
Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag4.6$$
Wenzel Moose 40 Degree Sleeping Bag4.6$
Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag4.6$$
US Military MSS Black Sleeping Bag4.6$$$
Grizzly by Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping Bag4.7$$$$$
Ledge Sports FeatherLite Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag4.3$$$
TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag4.4$$$
Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag4.3$
Coleman Dunnock Sleeping Bag4.4$$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

How Can I Find the Sleeping Bag That’s Right For Me?

Sleeping bags tend to fit into two different categories: they either make you too hot or you feel cold no matter what you do. One of the ways to solve this problem is to look at the temperature rating on the sleeping bag. Although this isn’t a definitive rating, a -15 degree sleeping bag will generally let you stay warm within a few degrees of the actual temperature. It is important to remember that these ratings are based on being fully clothed, so if you strip down to sleep, you’ll need a sleeping bag that is rated up to 20 degrees colder to compensate.

Women may wish to consider a colder rating on their sleeping bag because when compared to men, there is typically less body mass available to keep the body warm.

The material that is used to create the sleeping bag also contributes to the warmth that is received. Today’s sleeping bags are generally made with synthetic materials, but there are goose down products that are still on the market as well. Synthetics come in different types of quality, so expense matters here. More expensive sleeping bags tend to be lighter and easier to carry and typically work for all seasons outside of winter.

It is also important to shop around for a great deal while comparing different sleeping bags for their usefulness. That’s where the best sleeping bag reviews can be extremely helpful. By seeing what a sleeping bag can do before purchasing it, you can have the best possible experience outside of crawling into the sleeping bag itself to know if it is worth the investment.

What Makes a Good Sleeping Bag? 

Sleeping bags come in three general shapes. Most people are familiar with the rectangular shape as it is the most common type that is sold. There is also a semi-rectangular shape, which looks somewhat like a cone, and then there is also the mummy-style sleeping bag. Each has unique strengths which should be considered when reading through the best sleeping bag reviews.

  • Mummy-style sleeping bags provide the most warmth. This is because there are fewer places for the warm air inside the bag to escape. The bag seals around the neck, enhancing the heat.
  • Semi-rectangular bags provide more heat and more movement. When compared to the rectangular bags, there is more heat in the semi-rectangular option. It also provides more movement than the mummy-style bag. It’s an effective compromise between the other two extremes.
  • Rectangular bags offer the most movement. If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, the rectangular bag might be your best option. It is the least restrictive option, but it also keeps in the least amount of warmth. 

Beware of sleeping bags that are made of a cotton fill. Cotton retains moisture far too well for the average camping experience and should only be used for entertainment purposes only. Camping in the backyard is perfect for the cotton sleeping bags. Camping out in a remote location? Not so much. The warning labels on cotton sleeping bags will typically reinforce this.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Sleeping Bag? 

One of the unique features that has been included with the modern sleeping bag is an ability for it to also work as a parka. There are arm openings that are stitched into the bag with a half-zipper so that it can be worn on a cold day. Some sleeping bags even have pockets that hold hand-warming products and can be cinched closed around the waist to prevent heat loss.

Down fill ratings have improved to reach 900, which helps to reduce the packing needs for an extended camping trip. A 600 down fill sleeping bag is still going to keep you warm, but the 900 fill has finer quality feathers with up to 50% less overall bulk.

Top quality sleeping bags are also going to be windproof except in extreme conditions, very breathable so that sweat doesn’t build up and affect the quality of the sleeping experience, and still resist water even in extremely wet conditions. The quality of these features is going to be reflective of its price, so it may be important to balance cost and the features which are needed to stay within a budget.

What Are the Prices of Sleeping Bags? 

For a basic sleeping bag with no features, the value-priced items tend to be priced in the $20-$40 range. Down sleeping bags tend to be about 75% more in cost. If you’re looking for a top quality sleeping bag that can put up with some extreme conditions, some alpine bags are priced around the $600 mark.

Most households who want three seasons of camping can usually find something that will meet their needs for $200 or less if synthetic bags are preferred. For down sleeping bags, it may be around $350 for a good quality bag, but there may be more affordable options from time to time, especially during sale periods.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Teton Sports Flannel

This 100% polyester sleeping bag offers a double layer construction along the entire length of its rectangular design. This allows it to provide more warmth when used as a sleeping bag, but also allows it to act as a blanket if completely unzipped. The two-way zippers don’t tend to snag on you and the metal pulls are made of a good enough quality that they won’t easily pull apart. If you have a right and left zippered sleeping bag from this manufacturer, you can even zip the bags together if you wish.

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Coleman Big Game

This 100% cotton sleeping bag is rated to temperatures of 0-5 degrees and the big and tall design works pretty well for folks who are well above 6 feet tall. It’s comfortable and it does a good job of preventing heat loss, but this sleeping bag is very heavy. It’s not just due to the cotton insulation. The outer shell of the bag is made from a cotton canvas material. This makes it a sleeping bag that is very easy to clean because you can just stuff it into a washing machine. Taking it out into the backcountry? Maybe not so much.

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Wenzel Moose

This fun little sleeping bag is perfect for the kids. It weighs just a little over 3 pounds, making it the perfect size for kids to be able to carry into the campsite on their own. The moose printing on the cover of this blue sleeping bag makes camping more inviting and there is a pink option available for girls as well. Now this isn’t a 3 seasons bag since it is rated to just 40F, but the polyester construction is easy to clean and maintain. Unzip it for a fun kid’s blanket on an inflatable bed if you prefer. If you want to introduce your children to camping, this is a solid option.

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Tennier Industries Military

This mummy-style military sleeping bag is up to 83 inches long, yet it weighs just 5 pounds, making it easy to carry along for any outdoor trip. What we loved about this bag’s design is that there is 2x the amount of insulation around the feet compared to the upper part of the bag, which really helps to keep the extremities warmer than in your typical sleeping bag. The hood of the bag can also be adjusted to prevent additional heat loss. This is an excellent value purchase with a rating of 10 degrees.

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Ledge Sports Featherlite

At 84 inches in length, this sleeping back only contributes 3.4 pounds to your pack weight. It is rated to 20 degrees, so it isn’t going to be for extreme campers, but the continuous fiber fill does do a good job of keeping you warm. The unique sarcophagus design helps to give you a little extra added movement when compared to mummy-style bags without compromising the heat that gets generated, which is really nice. It is more of a slim-fit bag, so it may not work for everyone’s needs. Overall, however, this is really is a great buy.

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The best sleeping bag reviews can help to make sure you stay nice and warm on a cool evening. Select the best bag to meet your needs, settle in, and get a good night of rest no matter where you might be sleeping.

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