Best Down Pillow Reviews

Sometimes classic comfort is the best option. There is a reason why down pillows have been used for generations. The feathers of geese and other birds are light, supportive, and help to keep your head and neck aligned for a great night of sleep. The best down pillow reviews will help you find the right level of luxurious comfort and support so you won’t be tossing and turning all night long because of pillow discomfort. Here’s how to find the right down pillow to meet your needs.

The Best Chart for Down Pillows

Not every down pillow is made the same. Some use pin feathers that can stick you in the head through the cover. Others have low fill densities that make it feel like you don’t even have a pillow under your head. The chart below will let you quickly compare features to find the right pillow for you today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow4.4$$$
ExceptionalSheets Extra Soft Down Pillow4.1$
Blowout Bedding High Quality-King-Goose Feather and Down Pillows4.2$
Pacific Coast Double Down Surround King Pillow4.0$
Cuddledown 700 Goose Medium Pillow4.5$$$
Royal Hotel Collection 750 Fill Power Egyptian Cotton White Goose Down Pillows4.4$$
LUXURIOUS Goose Down Pillows4.2$$
Down Dreams Standard Pillow Set3.9$$
ExceptionalSheets Hotel White Goose Down Pillow4.4$$$
Queen Size White Goose Feather and Down Pillows3.9$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are the Advantages of a Down Pillow? 

When you want to have a comfortable sleeping experience, down pillows can provide you with numerous benefits. It is soft and helps to keep your head comfortable without creating too much warmth. Down pillows don’t change their shape when the temperature changes either, allowing you to have a consistent sleeping experience all year long.

Down pillows are also incredibly light. They can be difficult to wash as you’ll need to hand-wash most pillows that are on the market today, but there isn’t the heaviness that other pillows provide that can alter the sleeping experience. Be sure to check our best down pillow reviews to get a glimpse of your preferred pillow’s performance before finalizing your purchase.

If you suffer from neck pain when you wake up, it’s because there is too much strain on the muscles due to your sleeping position. A down pillow is supportive, but still gives you the cold side of the pillow experience. Flip your pillow and you change your supports and comfort level.

How To Find the Best Down Pillow For Me

Down provides you with a sleeping surface that can be ridiculously comfortable. It can also provide you with an experience that is far from comfortable. It is important to combine the information from the best down pillow reviews with your own sleeping habits to determine the best pillow to meet your needs. When you know what the industry standards and definitions are, the decision becomes a little bit easier.

Here’s what you’ll need to know.

  • Double-check the fill power of the pillow. Fill power refers to the number of feathers that are used to create the pillow. Down are the tiny feathers on the bird, usually a goose, and higher numbers here indicate a better quality pillow. A standard fill power is 600. High quality pillows tend to be 800+ in their rating.
  • Select the best cover. The type of cover that is used for your new down pillow will give you a glimpse of its long-term durability. Feathers can work their way out of pillows that have a loose weave and low threat count. Look for something that is 100% cotton with a 300 thread count for the best experience.
  • It fits in with your budget. Larger feathers aren’t as supportive, but they also drive down the cost of a pillow. Hand pulled feather pillows tend to be a little more expensive than other options as well. This is where you must decide what features are important to you and how much you’re willing to spend to have them. 

Down pillows are perfect for a stomach sleeper. Down pillows provide a soft surface that won’t strain the neck. Look for a low density pillow so that your head isn’t lifted too high while sleeping to create unnecessary strain. 

What Are Some Common Problems With Down Pillows? 

The fact is that we all use products every day without realizing what the effects are on the world. The creation of a down pillow can sometimes have ethical concerns that are no always addressed. Down is not always obtained from ethical practices, but certain regions tend to hand gather feathers from live animals and then repeat the process over and over again.

Goose down can also be an allergen trigger. It may also cause users to develop an allergy to the fill material over time. The quality of the cover used on the pillow can make or break this issue for users. Thicker covers that have a solid weave and high thread count help to prevent the allergens from escaping. Look for hypoallergenic pillows to combat this issue.

What Are the Prices of Down Pillows Today?

Down pillows tend to be the most expensive pillows that are on the market today, even exceeding the costs of memory foam. This is because the feathers that don’t have quills on them are difficult to remove from automatic filling processes. That’s why you’ll find that even entry-level down pillows tend to be priced around $40. If you’re looking for a premium quality down pillow that is durable enough to provide several years of comfort, then expect to pay about $200 for this pillow.

Keep in mind while shopping for your preferred down pillow that some listings provide two pillows instead of one.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Royal Hotel

This set of two firm down pillows will change the way you sleep at night. The covers of these pillows are a strong 500 thread count Egyptian cotton, so you won’t have to worry about a quill coming out to poke you in the ear. Each pillow has a 750 fill power and offers users 35 ounces of supportive white goose down. The piping of the pillow is silky smooth for a nice finish. To make sure these pillows remain allergy free, it is important to send them to a professional dry cleaner. If you want elegance and a maximum level of comfort, this is the pillow for you.

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Exceptional Sheets

This down pillow is specifically designed for those who sleep on their stomachs. It is machine washable and comes in the standard pillow size. The fill levels are standard in this pillow and the white goose down is listed as being hypoallergenic. If you sleep on your side or your back, you might find this pillow feeling a little thin compared to what you prefer. You can fluff up this pillow pretty well and it maintains its shape throughout the process. We found that it was soft, but not too soft, and once you get used to the sounds of the feathers in the pillow, you’ll sleep tight.

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Pacific Coast

If you want to double down on your comfort as a back or side sleeper, then you’re going to love this pillow. The barrier for this pillow has a trademarked weave to it so that the down doesn’t come out of the pillow. It’s Pacific Coast down, but it isn’t listed as hypoallergenic (it says the down is “hyperclean”), so it may not be suitable for everyone. We loved the fact that this pillow was willing to give us a little resistance. The fill power is only 550, however, so it’s a little under standard for a pillow at this price point. All in all, it was a solid sleeping experience.

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This is a masterpiece of a down pillow. There’s no other way to describe it. The European white goose down has a 700 fill power, giving you an incredibly supportive sleeping experience. The 450 thread count on the cotton barrier has a sateen finish, which makes the pillow feel super soft against your skin. This manufacturer has even created four different firmness levels for your particular comfort so you can make sure you get the right pillow at the right price. Many users say that this is the best pillow they’ve ever owned. We think you’ll agree.

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Down Dreams

This set of pillows is one of the few options that is available online right now that is made from duck down instead of goose down. There are two chambers within the pillow and each is given some down to provide you with some support. The outer chamber also contains 25% polyester fill for some added stability and support. The pillow is very soft, but we can see how some users may find the pillow to be a little too flat to support their neck. The cover for this pillow also tends to be a little short, which alters the shape of the billow. Allow these pillows to breathe for a couple days after shipping to get the best experience.

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The best down pillow reviews will help you find the perfect pillow at the perfect price. If you want a pillow that is very supportive and won’t trap heat around your head, then down is the best option for you. Find your pillow today so that you’ll be able to experience the difference that a good pillow can provide to ensuring that you get the best possible sleep.

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