Pets in the Bed – Why You Should Stop Letting Your Pets Sleep with You

When you have a family pet that is almost as close to you as a family member, or in some cases closer than a family member, there is always an issue with whether the pet should be sleeping with you in bed. This is a question that should be answered immediately, according to those who know about training animals.

If the pet is a new puppy, you have the perfect opportunity to set the rules and limits that will apply for the rest of the time the pet is with you. If you do not want the pet to be with you all the time, depending on you for every decision and every move they make, it is important to start teaching that it is just fine to be alone sometimes.

Crate Training

Crate training is highly recommended by many experts in dog training. It is believed to be the best step for creating an independent but loving pet. Each individual pet needs a place to feel secure, that is theirs alone. This combines well with the owner’s need to protect personal possessions and to keep the pet from damaging the home when the family is away.

But with this important training, it is still possible to have a pet sleep with you, as long as they do it within the rules and limits you set. If the pet can sleep through the night without having to “go out” that is important. You need to sleep through the night to be rested for the next day, so the pet should be able to do that as well.

If your pet needs to move from the bed during the night, it should be able to go to their crate or dog bed if you have one, without involving you. It is also essential, for your well-being, that the dog is not so large that it disrupts your sleeping comfort. These are decisions that only you and your partner can make, of course.

You or the Dog

If you have issues with getting to sleep, or with sleeping through the night, make sure that the pet is not the disruptive factor. It is best not to give the pet too much leeway if their presence is the problem. A dog or cat can be restless and dream, just as a person does. This may become an issue for you or your partner. You certainly do not want to be awakened on a regular basis because your pet cannot rest.

Sometimes a pet will attempt to push its needs ahead of yours. But you should not let this happen. There are ways to correct this behavior without being cruel to the pet or ignoring the pet. Some dog owners have found that their pet is very needy and insists on having your attention, even at night. This can be a problem if it disrupts your sleep. You must decide to deal with these issues as soon as the pet comes to your home.

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