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Are you finding yourself feeling a little cold at night? Do you look for a second blanket to help you get warm? The issue might not be your blankets. It could be the quality of your sheets. Thin sheets do not retain as much warmth as other options that are available on the market today. With our help, you’ll be able to find the best flannel sheets, then you’ll be able to always stay warm and cozy, no matter what the temperature might be outside.

The Best Chart for Flannel Sheets 

Flannels sheets offer some amazing comfort and warmth. The chart below will help you find the right combination of quality and comfort so you can stay warm at night within your expected budget.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Shavel Micro Flannel Sheet Set4.5$$
Pinzon Lightweight Cotton Flannel Sheet Set4.4$$
Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Sheet Set4.4$$$
Divatex 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set4.3$$
Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Sheet Set4.7$$$
Tribeca Living Floral Garden Printed Flannel Sheet Set4.3$$$
Laura Ashley Flannel Sheet Set4.4$$$
Impressions Flannel Cotton Sheet Set4.2$$$
Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Sheet Set4.7$$
Playful Cat Flannel Sheet Set4.4$$$$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are Flannel Sheets and Why Do I Need Them? 

Flannel sheets are typically something you’ll want for the winter months, although some northern or far southern households may wish to use them through spring and autumn as well. These sheets are beautifully soft, come in every size that you’ll find a mattress, and will give you a plethora of choices so you can match your environment perfectly.

You’ve got 3 key choices to make when shopping for the best flannel sheets right now.

  • Pattern. When you think of “flannel,” most people think of the multicolored patterns that are dominated by cross-checking. Modern flannel can also be a solid color, from white to black and everything in-between, so you can have the right sheets for your comforter or quilt set.
  • Weight. Flannel sheets also come in a variety of different weight classes so that you can protect yourself against the cold. Heavier weights provide more overall warmth, but almost feel like a blanket when sleeping in them. Lighter weights feel more like sheets, but don’t provide the dominant level of warmth.
  • Price. Unlike other types of sheets, flannel sheets don’t really rely on a thread count for pricing. The weight of the material is the basis for cost instead. Good quality sheets that will meet most needs will typically weight about 5 oz per yard [3 feet] of material. There are heavier or lighter sheets that have cost variations, so select the set that fits best within your budget. 

Look for sheets that have fibers which are yarn-dyed instead of having the entire sheet being dyed. This is very important for flannel sheets that are patterned. Yarn-dyed sheets are more resilient to the normal wear and tear that bedding faces and will be less likely to fade over multiple washings. Wash your flannel sheets in warm water, dry on the lowest setting possible, and you’ll be able to sleep in consistent comfort. 

What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Flannel Sheets? 

In a word: comfort. Flannel sheets tend to be of a medium weight and woven with a twill or plain weave that has a napped finished. This tends to be on both sides of the sheet. The end result gives the sheets a raised surface that is soft, comfortable, and inviting. Even the heavier weight sheets feel perfect as you settle down into your supportive mattress for a good night of rest.

Flannel sheets also tend to be a little more durable than the average sheets you’ll find on the market today. Many sheet sets try to replicate the look and feel of flannel by incorporating two-ply or three-ply weaving methods that add additional layers of material to the sheet set. This will inflate the thread count of the sheets, but it doesn’t add anything to the durability of the material. Flannel sheets are one of the most durable bedding options that you’ll be able to find today.

Most of the time, guides like this will recommend that you purchase at least 3 sets of sheets in order to have something clean and comfortable on your bed. With flannel sheets, you really only need to have two sets available because there isn’t such a great need to minimize wear. You can switch out between your laundry days and always have something inviting waiting for you.

How To Find the Best Flannel Sheets For Me?

Although flannel sheets are more durable than other types of bedding, they are still made with varying grades of quality. It is important to make sure your new sheets aren’t going to wear out within the first few months of use because inferior yarn or a poor weave has let you down. The reviews of the best flannel sheets you’ll find here will give you a practical look at the performance of each sheet set and what you can expect.

There’s also the questions of pattern, color, and price that must be answered. Sometimes it is better not to purchase cheap sheets just because they won’t let you sleep well at night. For the winter months especially, a good quality sheet set is worth saving up to get if money is tight. You’ll be warmer, more comfortable, and sleep better every night. That makes it the perfect investment. Never settle for inferior quality.

What Are the Prices of the Best Flannel Sheets? 

A set of flannel sheets tends to be at the higher price point on the bedding spectrum. When compared to high thread count cotton sheets, you’re looking at the 600-1,000 range as the beginning of the pricing structure. You can find a set of flannel sheets for $32 online, while the premium sheets that have a better durability tend to be in the $90 range. For yarn-dyed flannel sheets that are patterned instead of a solid color, it is not unusual to see prices above $150. That’s why having access to a guide such as this can be such a useful shopping tool.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Plow & Hearth

This patterned flannel sheet set has the perfect weight at 5 oz per square yard, making it the perfect weight for your bed. The design is of playful cats that are brightly colored and playing, giving your room a whimsical look. The sheets are triple brushed for extra softness and each set fits snugly around your mattress at your preferred size. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a restful catnap and wanted to get warm as you snuggle into bed, then these are definitely the sheets for you. It fits 16” mattresses easily, though be prepared for the sheets to look a little darker in person.

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Shavel Home Products

These micro-flannel sheets offer a pretty good value and weight for the price. There are numerous solid color options from which to choose and the thermal design of the sheets makes sure you stay pretty warm at night. The advantage of these sheets is that they won’t shrink and are fairly resistant to wrinkling, which results in a bedding set that is easy to care for and requires less effort through the washer and dryer. Soft, luxurious, yet still affordable, you’ll want to give this one a try.

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These patterned sheets can give you more of the traditional flannel experience and they are made from 100% cotton. The design is printed onto the sheets, however, so you’ll want to take care in how you run them through your laundry. Both sides are brushed for extra comfort, but we still recommend you air dry these sheets to prolong their life. The fitted sheet does fit a 16” deep mattress at a stretch. This isn’t your heavy duty flannel, but it is heavier than your standard cotton sheets and that can be enough for some environments.

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At 150g per square meter, you know these cotton flannel sheets are going to provide you with a quality sleeping experience when you first see them. We also loved the fact that this bedding set is purposely overcut so that you maintain a perfect fit after the first couple of washings. You’ll actually want to throw these into your washing machine when you first get them because they won’t fit snugly on a mattress until you do. There are 5 different colors and another 5 different prints that fit standard mattress sizes for you to enjoy. At this price point, the sheets are going to be a bit scratchy, but for 100% cotton on a budget, it’s a decent buy.

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Tribeca Living

The 170g weight of these sheets is going to surprise you. The triple-brushed 100% cotton flannel is going to soothe you. The pockets, which can handle mattresses up to 24 inches deep, are going to stay snug for you even when you toss and turn. Make sure to wash these sheets on the gentle cycle to keep these benefits, however, because any aggressive washing tends to make the bedding begin to pill. It takes a little extra effort to care for these sheets, but you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable experience for your efforts. Definitely take a second look at this investment.

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The best flannel sheets are able to surround you in comfort and warmth on a consistent basis. Use this guide to find your preferred sheets no matter what the season might be and you will have a wonderful night of rest.

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