Best Air Mattress For Camping

15. Air Mattress for Camping

One of the most affordable ways to enjoy some time away from home is to grab a campsite. Camping can happen in state parks, national parks, or your backyard. Site rentals with a tent are extremely affordable, but sleeping on the ground can be extremely uncomfortable. When you’ve got the best air mattress for camping that can slip into your tent, you can get a great night of rest that is comparable to any hotel. Here’s what you need to know to find the best one for you.

The Best Chart for Camping Air Mattresses 

Quality is your #1 feature that must be evaluated in air mattresses that are going to be used for camping. If your air mattress goes flat on you, then you might as well be sleeping on the ground. The chart below will let you find the best of the best that will meet your needs.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Only SUV Dedicated Air Bed for Tray and Back Seat4.1$$$
Intex Kidz Travel Bed with Hand Pump4.6$$
LazyNap Kids Air Bed4.7$
Alps Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad4.5$
Fox Outfitters Comfort Series Self Inflating Camp Pad4.4$$
AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress with Pump4.1$$
Aero Sport All-Terrain Twin Bed4.5$$
Coleman Double-High Quickbed4.0$$
Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit4.0$
Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress4.4$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Makes For a Good Camping Air Mattress? 

Air mattresses that are used for camping must be durable to account for any rough terrain that you might be setting your tent up on. The materials are also exposed to a wider range of temperatures than indoor or permanent air mattress solutions, which means there must be a better quality of material being used to prevent air leaks or loss. You’ll find PVC and mesh mattresses with a thicker overall composition are often the best to use because they retain their shape better and are resistant to leaks.

A good camping air mattress will also be weather-resistant. Having a waterproof mattress is your best option. Not only will this keep the integrity of the mattress better, but you’ll be able to use it for multiple purposes. Want to float out on the lake for awhile? Put your air mattress onto the water and relax in comfort and enjoy the sun.

A good mattress should also be fire resistant. Camping often involves a camp fire and should a spark from the dry wood hit your mattress, you don’t want it to burst like a balloon. Look for specific fire ratings in the air mattress reviews to find one that can best meet your needs.

How To Find the Right Air Mattress For Camping

Finding the best air mattress for camping to meet your needs is a simple contrast and compare situation. By using customer reviews, fact-based overviews, and real opinions from those who have similar camping habits, you’ll be able to see how each air mattress is able to perform before you put it to the test. This allows you to have a better degree of confidence when you put the air mattress into your tent for the first time.

Some air mattresses for camping aren’t even designed for the tent. A method of camping that has grown in popularity is vehicle camping. You still get the same outdoor experience, but instead of a tent, you sleep in the back of your SUV or pickup. Air mattresses have been custom designed for most popular models to fit around the wheel arches and other design obstacles so you can sleep comfortably.

Some air mattresses have pillows built into the design itself. Others have vertical ribbons that are used for neck and back support. Advanced mattresses even have individual air coils that work to support your body in a similar fashion to the spring coils in a regular mattress. By matching the design up with your sleeping needs, you’ll be able to have the most comfortable experience possible.

What Are the Advantages of an Air Mattress for Camping? 

Camping is proven to help reset your biological clock. If you’re not getting enough meaningful rest every night and you’ve got a lot of screen time at the computer, tablet, or smartphone every day, then an air mattress for camping lets you rest in comfort while you reset. It gets you off the ground so you can sleep with a firm, supportive surface.

The best air mattress for camping will also have a certain number of additional features that you may wish to have in your tent at night as well.

  • A top that has been flocked. Flocking helps to keep your bedding in place on top of the air mattress. Instead of a sleeping bag, you could potentially bring your own sheets to make the environment a little more like home.
  • A thicker composition. When you’re out camping, you are going to be around a number of different potential hazards. Your air mattress must be resistant to punctures and other damage that could prevent users from maximizing their use of this product.
  • A level of different pumping options. Not every campsite is equipped with electricity. Not every user has a 12v connection they can use from their vehicle. The best air mattresses have the ability to be filled with air in a number of different ways so that you can also sleep up off of the ground. 

Then there’s the advantage of price. For the cost of one night in a hotel room, you’re going to be able to receive several years worth of nights out camping in comfort. That’s why finding the best air mattress for camping is so valuable. 

What Are the Prices of Camping Air Mattresses? 

If you’re on a tight budget, you will find that there are some value-priced air mattresses on the market today that can get the job done. Entry level models can be found for less than $30. On the other end of the spectrum, an air mattress for camping with built-in pumps, battery monitoring, and continual air maintenance may cost well over $100.

For the average camping household, a good quality mattress can be found in the $60-$80 range that will have the features that are needed to meet specific needs. These mid-range mattresses won’t address every situation, but not every mattress needs to meet every situation and this is an easy way to save money.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Only SUV Air Mattress

This air mattress is perfect for vehicle camping. If the weather isn’t nice enough to be out in the tent or you can’t find space for camping, this air mattress gives you a second option. It’s designed to be a three-piece folding air mattress and it can double as a recliner or beach tool as well. Both sides of the air mattress have flocking for a stable sleeping experience. Best of all, the rated temperature range is from -13F to 140F, so you can sleep in virtually any weather comfortably and then go exploring the next day. If you’ve got an SUV or a van, this is a super solution.

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Intex Kids

An air mattress for camping is great for adults, but not always so much for the kids. That changes with this model that has been produced by Intex. The sides of the air mattress inflate to be higher than the sleeping surface, giving young children and toddlers a great chance to sleep comfortably. It uses standard crib sheets that are on toddler beds and cribs. You’ll have to hand pump this air mattress to fill it up, but since it’s smaller than normal, it only takes a few minutes. It’s a solid purchase for families with young kids who want to go camping.

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Alps Mountaineering

This is for those hard-core adventures that you want to have out in the backcountry. You’ll enjoy the open-cell foam construction that promotes a fast inflation and deflation process. The valves are made from brass that won’t corrode so you won’t have to worry about your plastic cracking under difficult condition. You’ll receive a stuff sack for easy transportation and a repair kit to use for those inevitable emergencies. It even offers a PVC dotted fabric on the bottom for sleep stability. Check your R value if necessary and then purchase the model that is right for you.

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Fox Outfitters

If you need something that isn’t quite the size of a mattress, but still want to be comfortable in your tent, then consider this camping pad. It slips right into your sleeping bag if you wish or you can sleep on top of it in your hammock or other surface. The base fabric is very heavy duty and resistant to even abrasions so you don’t have to worry about losing your comfort. Brass valves help to keep this self-inflating mat intact and compression bands are included for easy stacking and packing. The triple zone comfort is a little overrated, but overall you can’t go wrong with the value this product gives you.

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This air mattress for camping will also self inflate. It has a plastic valve, however, so take care with the conditions you plan on camping in to make sure the mattress can survive. The mattress itself is fully bonded and is sturdier than your standard air mattress, but other camping mattress can offer a deeper level of support and durability. If you sleep on your side, you may find the support is not very beneficial. Otherwise make sure you give this product a good look.

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The best air mattress for camping will let you have a comfortable night of sleep underneath the stars. Explore, relax, and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer in comfort when you have one of these great items packed along for the trip.

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