Help! My Bedroom is too Hot! 3 Action Steps to Sleep Well Tonight

Many people find that sleeping in an environment that is too warm just is not comfortable. In fact, unless you are absolutely exhausted and could lie down to sleep anywhere, you probably need a room that is just a bit on the cool side of the spectrum.

Body temperature drops slowly through the night, reaching its lowest point after a few hours. If the atmosphere is too hot, the body temperature does not drop sufficiently for a person to rest. This is one of the direct causes of restlessness on warm nights.

In the decades before technology gave people air conditioning and air cooling, there were few options for cooling a room down. People built homes that were purposely open within, so that breezes would flow through much of the time. They also slept in clothing of a lightweight fabric, if they wore night clothes at all.

It’s Just Hot

If you are in a part of the world that is just hot or warm most of the time, you will have to use technology to cool you down. If air conditioning is not an option, having an efficient fan move air around the room will certainly help. You can start preparing for a warm night by keeping sunlight out of the room during the day, and opening windows to allow breezes in.

Doing this simple thing about an hour before bedtime will help decrease the room temperature by at least a couple of degrees. Combine this with closing drapes to keep the sun out during the day and you should notice some improvement.

You can also prepare for better sleep on hot nights by staying out of your bed. If the room is just too warm at these times, you should fix up a place on the floor or in the basement of your home, if possible. Some people report getting their best sleep during the summer when they prepare a pallet on the floor and have a fan blowing gently (but not directly on them).

Out of the House

Some families made a regular trip out of their homes on warm nights, sleeping in the yard where they could catch some breeze. Be sure to get ready for the bugs to disturb you. A hammock with a mosquito net is a great tool for sleeping outside. In the past, some people even made the trek to a nearby creek or lake, where the air temperature was noticeably cooler.

For those who want to stay in their own room, it is always possible to use lighter bedding, sleeping only with a sheet, or with no covering at all. If you have to have covering of some sort, you can place the sheet and pillowcases in the freezer for a short time. This can provide half an hour of comfort, which is often enough time for the body to adjust, cool down, and let you fall asleep. Don’t use anything wet because this will probably cause you more discomfort. Good luck staying cool.

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