Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Review

There is just something special about the look and feel of Egyptian cotton. It seems to gently comfort you when you’re sleeping, taking away any sweat to make sure you’re never uncomfortable. It’s soft, dependable, and typically comes in your favorite colors as well. The best Egyptian cotton sheets review will let you select the one bedding set that matches comfort and quality to your budget. At the end of the day, you’ll look forward to crawling into these sheets. We guarantee it.

The Best Chart for Egyptian Sheets

How are you going to find the best sheets to meet your needs? The chart below is a great start. You’ll be able to quickly compare and contrast different bedding sets to find the best set to provide you with the comfort you need.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheets Set4.5$$
Brielle Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set4.3$$$
Yorkshire-Mayfair 100% Egyptian Cotton Luxury Sheet Set3.7$$
Pinzon Hemstitch Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set3.8$$$
Francois et Mimi Luxury Soft Egyptian Cotton Silky Sateen Sheet Set3.7$$$
Impressions Genuine Egyptian Cotton 4-Piece Sheet Set3.8$$$
Pinzon Pleated Hem Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set4.0$$$
Elegant Comfort 4-Piece Egyptian Quality Bed Sheet Set4.3$$
ExceptionalSheets Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set4.5$$$$$+
American Pillowcase Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet4.4$
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Is Egyptian Cotton and Why Do You Want It? 

Egyptian cotton is easily one of the most durable fabrics that you’ll find on the market today. It’s been used for decades to create bedding sets that can last throughout an entire childhood. When laundered, there is always a fresh, comfortable scent to this material that is particularly inviting. You won’t find a better investment for bedding anywhere than with Egyptian cotton sheets. Period.

So how can you begin to find the best sheets to meet your needs? It all boils down to how the Egyptian cotton has been handled. It already has longer fibers than other forms of cotton, so your materials are automatically stronger and more durable. You can enhance that process by focusing on these three additional key points.

  • Thread count. Although it is less important with Egyptian cotton than other materials, thread count is still something that must be considered. Higher thread counts tend to pill and wrinkle less, even when they aren’t treated. Look for a count above 300 to avoid sheets that feel scratchy over time.
  • Material weave. Most Egyptian cotton sheets tend to have a percale weave because it is tight, strong, and provides a fine finish. Other weaves can provide softer sheets and varying textures, so shop for this option based on how you want the sheets to feel on your skin.
  • Origin. Believe it or not, Egyptian cotton doesn’t always originate from Egypt. If you look at the import labels, you’ll find this material may originate from Peru, the West Indies, or even the United States. Where it grows helps to define the texture of the cotton, which is why not all sheets feel the same even though they’re made from the same materials. 

The choice of a bedding set is just as integral to the visual aesthetics of a room as the paint on the walls or the type of wood used for trim. Add comfort into the selection with these key points and you’ll be able to have a fabulous night of sleep time and time again. 

How To Maintain Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The best Egyptian cotton sheets review is going to show you the best qualities of a bedding set, but it won’t always show you how to care for your new sheets. Even low thread count Egyptian cotton can be a durable investment option if you are caring for your sheets properly. The first step in owning new sheets is to wash them to eliminate future shrinking. Cotton always has a risk of shrinking.

Egyptian cotton should always be washed on its own as well. Zippers, hooks, or even buttons have been known to tear through bedding when a load of laundry is combined. Wash on the delicate cycle in cold water unless there is a hygienic issue that requires anything warmer. Once the washing cycle is completed, shake out the sheets to prevent wrinkling, pilling, and shrinking.

The best option when drying Egyptian cotton sheets is to hang dry. If that’s not an option, then use the coolest setting on your dryer. High levels of heat will damage the cotton fibers in the bedding and this affects the integrity of the sheets. This is the most common mistake that is made in home care for this bedding option – and never use chlorine beach. Ironing should be avoided as well.

How To Find the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets For Me 

It’s not just about the thread count when it comes to Egyptian cotton. Most people will want a minimum thread count of 200 because it tends to provide a softer sleeping experience, but thread counts don’t always mean better quality. Layering threads together inflates the thread count without improving the softness of the sheet, which is why the weave is also important.

The best Egyptian cotton sheets review will take a look at the weave, let you know how and where it has been woven, and then give you a glimpse of the durability of the sheets. The best Egyptian cotton sheets might have the cotton grown in Egypt, but when the bedding is manufactured in Italy, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be owning some of the best and longest lasting sheets you’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy.

What Are the Prices for the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

If you go to your average department store, you’ll find shelf after shelf filled with bedding that is labeled as Egyptian cotton. It’s important to look for products that are 100% Egyptian cotton because a blended product can still be marketed with a label indicating its presence. In general terms, low thread counts have lower prices. You’ll find that most sheet sets begin at the $40 mark for 100% Egyptian cotton and can be as high as $200 depending on the thread count.

Beware of thread counts that exceed 1,000. These tend to be layered weaves with inflated counts that are done for marketing only.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


These micro-fiber Egyptian cotton sheets are brushed for a silky soft touch. They’re also hypoallergenic for those who have sensitive skin. We really loved how breathable these sheets happened to be when using them for the first time. They are fairly durable, but you’ve got to watch out how you care for them. Only use cold water and a low dryer setting, otherwise pilling tends to happen with the sheets and can make them difficult to use in the future. If you’re on a budget and want comfortable sheets, we highly recommend this brand.

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What’s interesting about these sheets is that they’re actually Egyptian cotton jersey sheets. Jersey sheets are a little different from traditional bedding because the fabric is knitted instead of woven. Imagine slipping on your favorite sweatshirt on a cool day and how soft and warm it feels against your skin. That’s the same feeling you’ll receive when you slip into these sheets. Temperature management can be a little difficult at times with this type of material, however, so if you have a warm environment, you might not like these sheets.

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The listing for this bedding set mentions that it is made from Egyptian cotton three separate times within the first 4 descriptions. They get their point across effectively because this 500 thread count set is ridiculously comfortable. It comes from the sateen weave that has been incorporated into this bedding set. They fit a 16 inch mattress rather comfortably and don’t pull off very easily. The sheets can become a bit itchy with the wrong detergent, so use something mild and hypoallergenic to wash the bedding for best results.

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Exceptional Sheets

We loved these sheets. There’s just no getting around that fact. They have deep pockets, a silky feeling to them, and they stand up to the machine washing experience pretty well. These are single ply sheets, so the 1000 thread count is a legitimate number. The sheets will fit mattresses up to 18 inches in depth and although the sheets are a sateen weave, they are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Is this bedding an investment? For many households, absolutely. It’s also going to be one of the best sheet sets you’ve ever had the chance to experience. You get luxury on a budget right here.

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With a triple-pleated hem and single ply layer, these Egyptian cotton sheets come oversized to prevent any issues with shrinking. The issue we saw with these sheets, in fact, came about because they’re actually a little too big even after the wash. Shrinkage is anticipated and if you don’t get it, then the bedding is a little too large for your bed. The 650 thread count is nice and doesn’t cause a scratchy feeling at all. If you take care of these sheets, they are going to take care of you in return.

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The best Egyptian cotton sheets review will help you locate the perfect bedding set for every bedroom in your home. You can stop putting up with the itchiness, scratchiness, and uncomfortable chemical feelings that cheap sheet sets offer right now. Find your Egyptian cotton sheets today and you will rest like never before

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